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This link was put in to give students another source for their confusion. It is intended to be an open forum for the exchange of ideas (mostly mine) and I would appreciate an opportunity to share my views (for whatever theyíre worth to you).
I love questions. Please feel free to ask questions. Any question is fair game as long as you recognize that:

1. I might not understand or like your question.
2. I might rephrase your question for my own purposes.
3. I may do the political thing and answer a totally unrelated question.
4. I am a supplement to rather than a substitute for study.
5. I may never get to your question.

As is my habit, I answer questions as I see fit and often this means that the answer may be almost entirely unrelated to the questionerís expectations.
Neatness, spelling, and grammar count and donít just send in a question because you are too lazy to think.
Lastly, I never want to hear that a student is using this forum to contradict their teacher. Never include the words ďThatís not what Kraxberger sensei saidĒ in any discussion. That phrase would merely indicate that you have misunderstood me.



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Q*  I canít ever seem to make my techniques look like my teacherís.  As hard as I try I canít seem to make them work.  What am I doing wrong?  What can I do to get better?




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A*  Martial art practitioners are frequently obsessed with the proper way of performing a physical technique. What is often missing is a reason for doing the technique.  Knowing how to act is only of consequence when one also knows when and why to act. None of these considerations is beyond the scope of appropriate study.  It takes time to let all of the elements develop.   

Napoleon Bonaparte said, "Ability is of little account without opportunity".  

Iím willing to give Nappy the benefit of the doubt and believe that he meant opportunity to apply, and opportunity to study, and opportunity to question.  Opportunity is not necessarily the result of random chance, but may be the natural extension of specific choices and actions.


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